5 Factors That Affect Hand Dyed Yarn

Yarn is dyed either in a mill or by hand. Mill dyed yarn is the type you see in the standard chain craft store, supplied by large manufacturers. Hand-dyed yarn is often created by independent fiber artists, and it provides a unique alternative to commercial offerings.  1. Fiber Type Hand dying is almost exclusively done with natural fibers, simply because they take dye most readily and are easy for independent artists to work with. Read More 

Recycled Paper Note Pads

If you tend to scrawl down names and numbers when receiving phone calls or while conducting research, wasted space on each paper sheet may be disregarded and tossed away. Use a recycling strategy to repurpose paper and create miniature note pads. Reduce Waste Consciously make an effort to stop scribbling down information quickly and to condense writing so that it appears from the top to the bottom of each sheet. If your personalized pad contains your name or monogram, one of the printed sheets can be used to aid with designing a cover for the recycled pads. Read More 

Knowing What Items To Buy And Sell To Get Gold For Handmade Jewelry

The side hustle is, in many ways, the new millennial retirement plan. By focusing on jobs that they can do on the weekend or in between their normal gigs, the millennial can make extra money and retire early. For example, selling handmade gold jewelry can help a person make good extra cash, as long as they know where to buy and sell gold. Selling Handmade Gold Jewelry Can Be Beneficial Read More 

Buying Doll Clothing Vs. Making It Yourself

Any mom or little girl who is familiar with the American Girl doll series knows about the dolls (which run about eighty to one hundred dollars apiece) and their various outfits. Thankfully, the company that makes these period pieces and and the dolls has given the okay to pattern companies to release patterns to make clothes for these dolls. So, what do you do? Buy the patterns and cloth and learn to sew American Girl doll clothing or buy the clothes from a place like Doll Her Up? Read More 

Cabin Fever: How To Create A Cabin You’re Passionate About

Is your cabin in need of a makeover?  Whether you use your cabin as a weekend getaway for rest and relaxation or as a place to sleep during hunting and fishing trips, the right cabin décor will turn your cabin into a welcoming retreat. Think natural  By design, most cabins are meant to be simple rather than extravagant. Think about your natural surroundings and the things in nature. Strive to incorporate as many natural elements into your cabin décor as possible. Read More